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The life of the high low friction IC gets stuck

Source:Shenzhen TZT Technology Co., Ltd.Updated:05-10-2016Views:1948

             High life of low friction IC gets stuck - LD190 into foreign markets for two years, well received by foreign customers.
         LD190 with independent intellectual property rights, won the national patent, its characteristic is as follows,More than.

1 number of plug, can plug IC card more than 500000 times in a row, booth can still read the IC card, normal contact with stable and reliable, and safe;
2 less wear and tear of IC card: general IC gets stuck, contact friction and CARDS are heavier, friction of distance is longer, more wear and tear of CARDS, heavier, LD190, by contrast, just contact friction strength of IC card is light, short friction, less wear and tear of IC card.
3 meet EMV2000, PCI, ISO7816 specification.
For LD190 use the foreign market, the card reader is stable, reliable quality, the company decided to extra copy mode, increase production capacity, meet the needs of the domestic market.If you just need a high life, low friction IC gets stuck, LD190 is your choice.