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2014 China (ningbo) international smart meter and intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances exhi

Source:Shenzhen TZT Technology Co., Ltd.Updated:05-10-2016Views:2074

            On May 17, 2014, China (ningbo) international smart meters and smart low-voltage electrical appliances in ningbo international conference and exhibition center, exhibition display for three days.
         Host/support unit: China power electric industry association, China watt-hour meter professional committee, China electrical equipment industry association, ningbo electronics industry association.
       "2014 China (ningbo) international smart meter and intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances exhibition" is committed to promote the development of electric meter with low voltage electrical appliances industry in our country, strengthen exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and improve enterprise brand awareness, so as to promote the overall development of China's electric meter with low voltage electrical appliances industry.The conference preview area of 16000 square meters, special exhibition space, 1100;
     We in A127 exhibition location, display products for the smart meter IC gets stuck, SIM gets stuck, RJ45, USB, etc., used in gas meter, intelligent water meter IC gets stuck, SIM gets stuck, used for POS and ATM financial terminal such as all kinds of connectors, welcome new and old customers come to guide work and details.
    The meeting exhibition range:
   Watt-hour meter, electronic watt-hour meter, multi-function watt-hour meter, IC card watt-hour meter and prepaid watt-hour meter, carrier watt-hour meter, standard watt-hour meter and induction watt-hour meter and watt-hour meter calibration equipment, etc.; 
    Meter components products: all kinds of components, power supply device, electronic transformer, transformer, relays, filter, measuring, interface chip, chip, battery, resistor, capacitor, widely, shunt, transformers, terminals, terminal box / / cabinet, insulator, memory chips, optical coupling, sensors, circuit breaker, contactor, diode, super capacitor, LCD, MCU, crystals, buzzer, anti-corrosion paint, glue machine, cable connector and electric meter shell, chassis cabinets, leakage protector, residual current circuit breaker and other products;
   Electric energy metering system and management: the AMR/AMI system solutions, prepaid, measurement and management system and the module of customer relationship management software, intelligent communication terminal equipment, data management technology, load and load management system, photoelectric direct reading module, intelligent controller, remote collection and management system, remote intelligent meter reading system;Test control equipment, IT solutions, etc;
Intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances, a new generation of automatic switch electrical appliances/intelligent energy-saving ac contactor, a new generation of integrated intelligent control and protection electrical/universal type of intelligent power distribution system fault intelligent breaker/high-speed breaking molded case circuit breaker/selective protection circuit breaker/low voltage electrical equipment, household electrical appliances control box tank/doubly-fed wind power converter is the key technology of a new generation of SPD, etc.;