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Financial IC card and IC booth of spring

Source:Shenzhen TZT Technology Co., Ltd.Updated:05-10-2016Views:2003

       Past everyone with magnetic stripe CARDS, security is not enough, easy to copy card, in order to solve the security of payment, the financial IC card should be born, but during the transition, the financial IC card with a magnetic stripe, financial IC card pay brush magnetic stripe is financial IC card down.
     Central bank recently published requirements: require commercial Banks to close the offline channel financial IC card down trading, schedule is as follows:
      In June, will be in Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, Beijing, guiyang, ningbo and other cities to start the ATM closed financial IC card down trading pilot;
     In August, in hubei province, Shanxi Province, chongqing, fujian, anhui, hunan and other provinces and cities start POS terminals close financial IC card down trading pilot;By the end of August the ATM closed financial IC card down trading;
Before the end of October the POS terminals close financial IC card downgrade trade, commercial Banks should be based on their actual closed in the end of the financial IC card in other offline channels terminal downgrade deal.
So far, the most common people hand card still is a magnetic stripe card, no IC, in October there is a short 4 months, the demand for large, is superlatively, read the financial IC card need IC gets stuck, the quantity will be very large.
Source feng glorious development manufacturing IC gets stuck 15 years, advanced technology, reliable manufacture, provide financial terminal IC gets stuck, reliable and convenient for financial payment.