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IC booth prepaid smart meters have a special ability

Source:Shenzhen TZT Technology Co., Ltd.Updated:05-10-2016Views:2051

                                                                    IC card prepaid smart meters "special abilities"
           IC card prepaid smart meters to install with IC gets stuck and corresponding interface circuit of a measurement can be prepaid meter, the electric meter with the user "close close", so you need to have some special skills.
A: inside the IC card prepaid smart meters shall be overloaded power modules, with functions of overload power.
Overload power microprocessor inside the counter for electric energy metering module into electric energy metering pulse counting, calculation of power and electricity.When found overload (current), output overload control pulse signal, power control mechanism to cut off the power supply, if the cumulative number of overload microprocessor within the three times, the delay can be automatically restored after a period of time.
Ability. 2: inside the IC card prepaid smart meters shall be preventing electricity-stolen module, with functions of preventing electricity-stolen.
Can prevent the following four types of preventing electricity-stolen prepaid watt-hour meter.
(1) current into.Application-specific integrated circuit for electric energy measurement set inside the power function: the current channel is equipped with the chopper circuit, makes the output of the multiplier is not only with VI, Vu, and associated with phase, to identify positive and reverse active power, and in reverse when active power, power metering pulse output, measured as usual.
(2) fake IC card.IC card data by the algorithm of encryption, difficult to counterfeit, bought an electric only loaded once, have power purchase number on the card and the number of people, the microprocessor will determine whether for card.
(3) illegal destruction of IC card prepayment watt-hour meter.To prevent someone short-circuit IC gets stuck with metal power, damage watt-hour meter, make its can't normal measurement, so as to achieve power, IC card prepayment watt-hour meter with the booth power isolation protection circuit, when the short-circuit Us and illegal use iron to end, isolation circuit for high resistance mutation, isolating + 5 v and Ucc.At this point to the data processing unit power supply + 5 v power supply is not the slightest impact, watt-hour meter can still work normally and measurement.
(4) power tripping after jumper to steal.Current sampling resistance is very small (less than 2 m Ω), when the normal power supply with a jumper method is hard to get power, in order to prevent overload after tripping jumper power theft, plus a light coupling circuit, once someone power with jumper method, then produce a power signal.When microprocessor power signal is detected, simultaneous sound and light alarm, and record the number of power theft.  
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