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 1 、Deputy general manager: At least Junior college,Diploma Over eight years ,Job description:
   1)、proficient in production management of connector; over eight years experience of being a production manager;
   2)、proficient in stamping, injection molding, and assembling as well as field management; being responsible, able to work independently and capable of executing tasks;
   3)、familiar with ISO9001:2000 and proficient in lean production and overall operating process of company;
   4)、owning a particular ability of cost control and quality control.

2 、Quality supervisor :At least junior college diploma, Over three years, Job description:
   1)、over three years experience of quality control; familiar with ISO9001-2008 quality control system and knowing how to make SOP and SIP; the people working on computer peripherals preferred;
   2)、those who used to be a quality supervisor will be accepted though they are new in connector industry;

3、Mold design engineer: At least high school certificate ,Over five years ,Job description:
   1)、over five years experience of mold design in connectors
   2)、having a good knowledge of mold flow analysis
   3)、Able to dominate the process of improving abnormal state in molding production

4 、Grinder mentor: At least high school certificate ,Over four years ,Job description:
   1)、over four years experience of operating grinders used in connector industry; able to operate manual grinders and familiar with parts manufacture process .